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Thank you for visiting the Reclaim Gwinnett Place Mall website. Please visit for further updates about the redevelopment efforts of Gwinnett Place Mall.

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Gwinnett County purchased the Gwinnett Place Mall site to lead the redevelopment process and transform it into a unique regional destination. The County's vision for the property is one of equitable redevelopment, which ensures that the future of Gwinnett Place Mall will be one where all residents share in its growth and feel welcome and included.


This entails connecting the property to the vibrantly diverse communities surrounding it rather than creating an isolated space and protecting and supporting the local businesses and families who thrive there. To fulfill this vision, the County will create an Equitable Redevelopment Plan, a roadmap that will shape the redevelopment of the mall and the County's actions to make it a reality.

An Equitable Redevelopment Plan


An Equitable Redevelopment Plan will reflect the new vision for the Gwinnett Place Mall and guide the redevelopment of the site. To create the ERP, the County is launching an engagement process to hear from communities around the mall. The engagement opportunities will help develop a shared definition of equity - where your identity does not shape your outcomes - and guide the project by identifying ways the redevelopment can reduce barriers for existing and future businesses, residents, and visitors. 

Based on community input and research into best practices from other regions, the County will develop strategies for reestablishing the Gwinnett Place Mall as a dynamic, prominent destination that welcomes all members of the community and improves their quality of life.

The Vision

Credit: Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

“Our hope for Gwinnett Place Mall is to ensure that residents and business owners — particularly those who live and work in the area — are very involved in its revival. An inclusive, community-driven redevelopment process ensures that the mall remains the focal point for cultural and economic activity in the area.” - Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners Chairwoman Nicole L. Hendrickson

Emerging Themes

We are excited to release Emerging Themes, a synthesis of everything we heard from you in 2021 about your ideas, needs, and vision for Gwinnett Place Mall, categorized into five main themes. You can read it in English, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, and Vietnamese on the INFO page of this website.

Who is Leading the Project?

The County owns most of the mall site and will lead the redevelopment process. Gwinnett County hired HR&A Advisors, a mission-driven urban policy firm, to assist in the engagement process, work with Gwinnett-based community organizations to reach out to communities.

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Our Partners

A Community Partner Advisory Board — made up of residents, business owners, and other community leaders — will work with the County and HR&A throughout the process to weigh in on major plan components and to support with outreach. 

Get Involved

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Why Should I Participate?

The County would like to hear from community members about their experiences living in the county, how and why they go or don't go to the mall, and what future they see for the Gwinnett Place Mall site. The purchase of the mall is funded by residents' tax dollars, so the County government wants as much input from residents as possible, especially from people who live and work near the mall.

How Can I Get Involved?

Look out for engagement opportunities - like community meetings, pop-ups, and online activities - all to get your opinions, thoughts, ideas, and questions about what the future of the Gwinnett Place Mall should look and feel like. Toward the end of the planning work, another study led by the Gwinnett Place CID will go into more detailed plans on employment, transportation, and public space design, among other elements, for the mall site. The County will then create an RFI, or request for information from developers to rebuild the site.

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